APM manages more than 50 condominium communities in Hartford County, from Hartford to Meriden and east to Glastonbury, Manchester, Vernon, South Windsor & Tolland.  Our services are based on a team approach, and the team includes your property manager, their assistant, an accounting professional who is dedicated to your account, and a maintenance professional.  This team approach assures you of the right person at the right time.

Our comprehensive services to unit owners and communities cover three broad categories:  financial, maintenance, and communication. 


As your fiduciary agent, APM will collect all owner fees, track and collect receivables, oversee your operating accounts, pay your operating expenses, and manage your reserve accounts.  APM operates a state-of-the-art financial management software system that tracks and reports all receivables and payables, and produces a variety of reports and statements that keeps each property fully informed about its financial condition. We recognize the importance of tailoring reports to each community to meet your unique requirements, and we will be responsive your needs to customize reports to reflect, in particular, the tracking and reporting of those budget items most important to you. Financial reporting documents will be provided to the Board of Directors on a regular basis including:

  • Balance Sheet

  • Income Statement

  • Budget Report

  • Cash Flow Statement

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Accounts Payable

  • General Ledger

APM also has the capacity to perform reserve studies and prepare capital improvement plans that link to your reserve funding needs. 

When a unit is sold, APM will provide your community with resale certification documentation, in accordance with the Common Interest Ownership Act. Resale certificates will be available within 5 business days of the request.


We will meet with the Board of Directors on a regular basis, usually monthly, and prepare a complete board packet that includes financial reports on the condition of the community within the last 30 day period, budget reports, a correspondence summary, an executive summary of work completed to date, and a thorough manager's report.  Each board packet will serve as a report on activity within the community, and will generate an action list for items to be completed in the next 30-day period.  In addition, our team will work with you to prepare annual meeting materials including meeting notice, proxies, and agendas as well as any presentations on the annual budget or capital planning efforts.

APM will respond to complaints, rule violations, and owner concerns based on the policies and direction of the board. 

Our team will respond promptly, effectively, and personally to after-hours emergencies. Emergency calls received after regular business hours will be monitored through a professional answering service, assuring that a member of your team will be available 24 hours/7 days a week.


Our team will assist in the preparation of all specifications for maintenance services including snow removal, landscaping, painting,  and general capital improvements; analysis of bids submitted based on those specifications; and negotiation of contracts with vendors.  In addition, we will provide supervision and oversight to assure that what was promised is actually delivered.

 For common elements and work requested by unit owners, APM offers an exclusive, customized electronic work order system.  This system maintains a database of all work requested and performed.  This unique system will generate individual work order reports that include:

  • Work Requested

  • Date Requested

  • Contractor and/or worker assigned

  • Work Performed

  • Cost of Work

In addition, the Board of Directors can review executive summaries of work completed month by month, work orders by work requested (i.e. roofs, decks, lighting), work orders by building number, or simply review open work orders for a given period.


Our commercial management division offers the same level of financial and maintenance reporting as well as a team of field professionals who are available to monitor and maintain your property on a daily or weekly basis.


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